Regina, SK - December 2006

We drove back to Regina for Christmas this year to visit Nathan's family. Since I know several people who have never had the opportunity to make this trip for themselves, I thought I'd take pics! It's about 750 kms and is a very easy to follow route. The Trans-Canada Highway takes you straight from Calgary to Regina, and I mean straight - there's very few curves and the road is pretty flat! We generally do the whole trip with only one stop in Medicine Hat for fuel (if needed) and to let the dogs out. The trip usually takes us around 7 hrs. There was not that much snow this year, and the roads were good. Unfortunately because of the time of year, it was already dark before we got to Regina, so I couldn't take pics of the last little bit there. The pics before the ones with Carlos and Zeta are from the trip there, and the ones after are from the trip back.

IMG_0091.jpg IMG_0092.jpg IMG_0096.jpg IMG_0097.jpg IMG_0098.jpg IMG_0099.jpg
IMG_0100.jpg IMG_0101.jpg IMG_0102.jpg IMG_0103.jpg IMG_0105.jpg IMG_0106.jpg
IMG_0107.jpg IMG_0108.jpg IMG_0109.jpg IMG_0110.jpg IMG_0111.jpg IMG_0112.jpg
IMG_0113.jpg IMG_0114.jpg IMG_0116.jpg IMG_0117.jpg IMG_0118.jpg IMG_0119.jpg
IMG_0121.jpg IMG_0122.jpg IMG_0123.jpg IMG_0124.jpg IMG_0125.jpg IMG_0127.jpg
IMG_0128.jpg IMG_0129.jpg IMG_0130.jpg IMG_0133.jpg IMG_0134.jpg IMG_0135.jpg
IMG_0136.jpg IMG_0137.jpg IMG_0138.jpg IMG_0141.jpg IMG_0142.jpg IMG_0143.jpg
IMG_0144.jpg IMG_0147.jpg IMG_0148.jpg IMG_0149.jpg IMG_0150.jpg IMG_0152.jpg
IMG_0153.jpg IMG_0154.jpg IMG_0155.jpg IMG_0156.jpg IMG_0158.jpg IMG_0160.jpg
IMG_0161.jpg IMG_0162.jpg IMG_0165.jpg IMG_0170.jpg IMG_0174.jpg IMG_0181.jpg
IMG_0182.jpg IMG_0185.jpg IMG_0186.jpg IMG_0187.jpg IMG_0190.jpg IMG_0191.jpg
IMG_0192.jpg IMG_0193.jpg IMG_0194.jpg IMG_0195.jpg IMG_0196.jpg IMG_0197.jpg
IMG_0198.jpg IMG_0199.jpg IMG_0201.jpg IMG_0202.jpg IMG_0203.jpg IMG_0204.jpg
IMG_0205.jpg IMG_0206.jpg IMG_0208.jpg IMG_0209.jpg IMG_0211.jpg IMG_0213.jpg
IMG_0214.jpg IMG_0215.jpg IMG_0218.jpg IMG_0219.jpg IMG_0220.jpg IMG_0222.jpg
IMG_0223.jpg IMG_0225.jpg IMG_0228.jpg IMG_0229.jpg IMG_0230.jpg IMG_0231.jpg
IMG_0232.jpg IMG_0233.jpg IMG_0234.jpg IMG_0235.jpg IMG_0236.jpg IMG_0239.jpg
IMG_0240.jpg IMG_0243.jpg IMG_0244.jpg IMG_0245.jpg IMG_0246.jpg IMG_0247.jpg
IMG_0248.jpg IMG_0250.jpg IMG_0251.jpg IMG_0253.jpg IMG_0254.jpg IMG_0255.jpg
IMG_0256.jpg IMG_0257.jpg IMG_0260.jpg IMG_0261.jpg IMG_0262.jpg IMG_0263.jpg
IMG_0265.jpg IMG_0266.jpg IMG_0267.jpg IMG_0269.jpg IMG_0270.jpg IMG_0271.jpg
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IMG_0296.jpg IMG_0300.jpg IMG_0301.jpg IMG_0302.jpg IMG_0303.jpg