Erin's Stagette - December 2, 2006

For this momentous occasion, Erin (the bride-to-be), Jen, Terri, Laura, and I (the bridesmaids) all packed up and went to Banff for an overnighter! We started the day by having brunch at Earls, followed by massages, pedicures, and manicures at the Red Earth Spa. Then we checked in at our suite at the Hidden Ridge Resort (with a nice view of the mountains, and deer in the backyard!) and went out for dinner at The Keg. After that we went back to the suite, got dressed up, and spent a night on the town at the Hoodoo Lounge, followed by Aurora Nightclub. We had brunch the next morning at Melissa's Misteak. We had so much fun, that we've since decided to make it into an annual girls weekend and go every year!

WARNING: Some people may be offended by some of these pictures, due to their sexual connotation.

NOTE: Some of the pics are mine, and some are borrowed from the other girls.

DSCN0974.jpg DSCN0975.jpg DSCN0976.jpg DSCN0979.jpg DSCN0980.jpg DSCN0983.jpg
DSCN0985.jpg DSCN0986.jpg DSCN0987.jpg DSCN0989.jpg IMG_1336_r.jpg IMG_1338.jpg
IMG_1340_r.jpg IMG_1342_r.jpg IMG_1346_r.jpg DSCN0994.jpg DSCN0995.jpg IMG_1347.jpg
IMG_1350_r.jpg IMG_1352.jpg DSCN1003.jpg DSCN1004.jpg DSCN1006.jpg IMG_1354.jpg
IMG_1356.jpg DSCN1010.jpg IMG_1358.jpg IMG_1364.jpg IMG_1367_r.jpg IMG_1371.jpg
IMG_1373.jpg IMG_1374_r.jpg IMG_1378_r.jpg IMG_1388.jpg IMG_1389.jpg IMG_1390.jpg
IMG_1392.jpg IMG_1393.jpg IMG_1395_r.jpg IMG_1396.jpg IMG_1398_r.jpg IMG_1403.jpg
IMG_1404.jpg IMG_1405_r.jpg IMG_1406.jpg IMG_1407.jpg IMG_1410.jpg IMG_1421.jpg
IMG_1422.jpg IMG_1423_r.jpg IMG_1426_r.jpg IMG_1428_r.jpg IMG_1429.jpg IMG_1430_r.jpg
IMG_1431_r.jpg IMG_1432_r.jpg DSCN1036.jpg DSCN1040.jpg IMG_1441_r.jpg IMG_1442.jpg
IMG_1444_r.jpg IMG_1445_r.jpg IMG_1447_r.jpg IMG_1448_r.jpg IMG_1450.jpg IMG_1452.jpg
IMG_1453_r.jpg IMG_1454.jpg IMG_1455.jpg IMG_1457.jpg IMG_1459.jpg