Shell Canada Party - May 11, 2007

Due to Shell Canada being bought out by Royal Dutch Shell, the company had a big 'retirement' party for our trading 'code' (SHC) on the stock exchange (as we are no longer publicly traded). The party was called 'A Ship in Full Sail', and it was quite the big shindig! It took place at the Olympic Oval at the University of Calgary, and included entertainment by Cirque de Soliel and the east-coast band Great Big Sea. It was a great party, and tons of fun! For sure the best part was the potato bar!!   :) The only pics I really have are of me and Nathan, along with our friend Cam and his girlfriend Isabelle (who works for Shell), and my co-workers Amara (and her boyfriend AJ), and Dan (and his girlfriend Christa). Christa and I thought we'd better document the fact that her and I actually got dressed up, since it doesn't happen very often! Half of these pics are Dan's. Other people have pics of the party and entertainment which I will have to try to get a hold of.

IMG_1116.jpg IMG_1117.jpg IMG_1118.jpg IMG_1119.jpg IMG_1120.jpg IMG_1121.jpg
shell party 011.jpg shell party 012.jpg shell party 013.jpg shell party 014.jpg shell party 015.jpg