Cyndi's Birthday Party - January 26, 2007

Decided to have a birthday bash, as this year was the big 29 (on Jan. 29th), and I don't think I'm going to acknowledge any more birthdays after this!! :) Wanted to thank everyone who helped make it such a great night - Nate, Cam, Laz, Mike, Brian, Melvin, Dave, Prince, my bro Chris, Greg, and their friends, and our always awesome server Kat at Nicastro's!! I had so much fun, and I really appreciated everyone coming out!

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IMG_0374.jpg IMG_0377.jpg IMG_0380.jpg IMG_0381.jpg IMG_0382.jpg IMG_0384.jpg
IMG_0385.jpg IMG_0386.jpg IMG_0387.jpg IMG_0388.jpg IMG_0389.jpg IMG_0390.jpg
IMG_0391.jpg IMG_0392.jpg IMG_0393.jpg IMG_0395.jpg IMG_0396.jpg IMG_0397.jpg
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