Jeep Patriot - May 2007

Bought me a purty, shiny new Jeep!! Since Nate totalled my Cherokee in Sep '06, I have been without a vehicle, and after he sold his daily driver we only had the truck between us. That just wasn't working, and it appeared as though my Cherokee was not going to get rebuilt anytime soon, so I decided to get this! It's a 2007 Jeep Patriot Limited (black), standard/manual with Freedom Drive I four-wheel drive, and pretty much every option (sunroof, leather, premium sound, Sirius satellite radio, heated seats, tire pressure monitoring, full-size spare, etc.) except the Nav/GPS system, and all of the off-raod stuff. This one is NOT going off-road!! It's primary function is to be available for running around when I need it, and to drive me to the C-Train when it's too cold to take my bike, or raining. So far, it has performed excellently at both these functions!!   :)     Sometimes, I even let Nathan drive it!    ;)

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