Heritage Park - June 24, 2007

Went to Heritage Park (here in Calgary) with Michelle and Justin. He really enjoyed the boat ride! It's a huge park and we didn't have time to see everything, so I will definitely have to go back again sometime soon!

IMG_2115.jpg IMG_2115a.jpg IMG_2117.jpg IMG_2119.jpg IMG_2120.jpg IMG_2121.jpg
IMG_2123.jpg IMG_2124.jpg IMG_2125.jpg IMG_2125a.jpg IMG_2126.jpg IMG_2127.jpg
IMG_2129.jpg IMG_2129a.jpg IMG_2129b.jpg IMG_2130.jpg IMG_2131.jpg IMG_2132.jpg
IMG_2133.jpg IMG_2134.jpg IMG_2135.jpg IMG_2136.jpg IMG_2136a.jpg IMG_2137.jpg
IMG_2138.jpg IMG_2139.jpg IMG_2140.jpg IMG_2141.jpg IMG_2142.jpg IMG_2143.jpg
IMG_2144.jpg IMG_2145.jpg IMG_2146.jpg IMG_2147.jpg IMG_2148.jpg IMG_2148a.jpg
IMG_2150.jpg IMG_2151.jpg IMG_2152.jpg IMG_2153.jpg IMG_2155.jpg IMG_2156.jpg
IMG_2157.jpg IMG_2158.jpg IMG_2159.jpg IMG_2160.jpg IMG_2161.jpg IMG_2163.jpg
IMG_2165.jpg IMG_2167.jpg IMG_2168.jpg IMG_2169.jpg IMG_2170.jpg IMG_2172.jpg
IMG_2173.jpg IMG_2173a.jpg IMG_2176.jpg IMG_2176a.jpg IMG_2176b.jpg IMG_2176c.jpg
IMG_2176d.jpg IMG_2176e.jpg IMG_2176f.jpg IMG_2176g.jpg IMG_2176h.jpg IMG_2176i.jpg
IMG_2177.jpg IMG_2178.jpg IMG_2179.jpg