My Computer - October 2006

Finally got around to buying a new computer - ours was around 7 years old, and just getting too slow for what I needed, so time to upgrade! Bought all the components from Memory Express (except speakers - Future Shop), and a friend from work helped assemble it. Here's the specs (click on item for more details):

Sorry the pics are a bit fuzzy - had to take them without a flash, and my hand isn't steady enough...

EDIT: 2006/11/02 Got a metal monitor riser and a cool blue LED mouse pad (matches my case!):

IMG_1121.jpg IMG_1122.jpg IMG_1127.jpg IMG_1128.jpg IMG_1123.jpg IMG_1124.jpg
IMG_1118.jpg IMG_1125.jpg IMG_1126.jpg IMG_1142.jpg IMG_1143.jpg IMG_1145.jpg