Waiparous - July 22, 2006

Mike, Nate, and myself on the quads... Was one of the best wheeling days I've ever had (fun, relaxing day, great trail, nice scenery) - apart from Mike's rollover! We were driving steeply off-camber on the side of a hill, and next thing he knows he's jumping out of the way trying to hold the quad from rolling down the hill. It ended up rolling 3 times (okay, 2 3/4!) and luckily was caught by the only tree in it's path. :) No real damage apart from 2 blown beads, which we reseated on the trail, and bent handlebars and rack, which Nate fixed as soon as we got home. Good as new!!

IMG_0468_40.jpg IMG_0469_40.jpg IMG_0470_40.jpg IMG_0471_40.jpg IMG_0472_40.jpg IMG_0473_40.jpg
IMG_0474_40.jpg IMG_0475_40.jpg IMG_0476_40.jpg IMG_0477_40.jpg IMG_0478_40.jpg IMG_0479_40.jpg
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