Canadian Offroad Expo - September 9, 2006

Nate decided to enter my Jeep in the Offroad Expo rock crawl. He had a couple of good practice runs, busted a short side shaft and pretzled a tie rod, both of which were easily fixed with spare parts. However, on the second run of the first day he rolled on the passenger side, and then over onto the roof, which you can see was not easily fixable! Oh well, he was alright, and was able to drive the Jeep out of the arena once they flipped it back over. The drivetrain is still all good, so now it is definitely time for the new body - and this time I will get a roll cage!! :)

Note: I was videotaping the run, so I didn't get any action stills - the ones on here were borrowed from others and they're a bit fuzzy...

DSC02200.jpg DSC02201.jpg DSC02203.jpg DSC02204.jpg DSC02205.jpg IMG_1974.jpg
IMG_1975.jpg IMG_1976.jpg IMG_1977.jpg IMG_1978.jpg IMG_1979.jpg IMG_1980.jpg
IMG_1981.jpg IMG_1982.jpg IMG_1983.jpg