Jeep Jamboree - August 18-21, 2005

My second time (Nate's third) at Jeep Jamboree in Rocky Mountain House, AB. This time I got to drive my Jeep one day, and I let Nate drive it the other. We had managed to get my new front and rear bumpers and my winch mounted, and borrowed some Super Swamper TSL's (that I later bought) for the event. I chose a challenging, less muddy trail for my day, and really got to put my Jeep to the test on one particular wash out that they call 'Rutt Hill'. The second day, Nate chose a muddy mucky trail, and the Jeep was totally mud-coloured by the time we were done! Unfotunately Nate and I were too busy wheeling to take pics (!) but thankfully others did and sent me the ones below. They are of me on Rutt Hill - my Jeep looks so awesome!! Sadly, I think this was the last time I got to wheel it, before Nate crushed it at the Offroad Expo... :(

jeepjamboree1.jpg jeepjamboree2.jpg jeepjamboree3.jpg jeepjamboree4.jpg jeepjamboree5.jpg jeepjamboree6.jpg