Rosloot Garden - May 28, 2005

Mom and I went to Regina to help Grandma and Grandpa plant their garden. Aunt Mary and Uncle John also came to help. Unfortunately it rained most of the weekend, but we did get the planter along the deck and all the petunias in the front beds done!

IMG_1362.jpg IMG_1363.jpg IMG_1364.jpg IMG_1365.jpg IMG_1366.jpg IMG_1367.jpg
IMG_1368.jpg IMG_1369.jpg IMG_1370.jpg IMG_1371.jpg IMG_1372.jpg IMG_1373.jpg
IMG_1374.jpg IMG_1375.jpg IMG_1376.jpg IMG_1377.jpg IMG_1378.jpg IMG_1379.jpg
IMG_1380.jpg IMG_1381.jpg IMG_1382.jpg IMG_1383.jpg IMG_1384.jpg IMG_1385.jpg
IMG_1386.jpg IMG_1387.jpg IMG_1388.jpg IMG_1389.jpg IMG_1390.jpg IMG_1391.jpg
IMG_1392.jpg IMG_1393.jpg