BGPR Track Night - May 31, 2006

Nate and I took Cam and Chris to the track for their first time. Did the short track only (south end) but that's where all the turns are, and everyone had fun!

Pics with black border copyright 2006 Stacy Lindberg - used with permission

IMG_0309_40.jpg IMG_0310_40.jpg IMG_0311_40.jpg IMG_0312_40.jpg IMG_0313_C.jpg IMG_0314_C.jpg
IMG_0315_C.jpg IMG_0316_C.jpg IMG_0317_C.jpg IMG_0318_C.jpg IMG_0319_C.jpg IMG_0321_C.jpg
IMG_0322_C.jpg IMG_0323_C.jpg IMG_0324_C.jpg IMG_0326_C.jpg IMG_0328_C.jpg IMG_0329_C.jpg
IMG_0330_C.jpg IMG_0331_C.jpg IMG_0332_C.jpg IMG_0333_C.jpg IMG_0334_C.jpg IMG_0335_C.jpg
IMG_0336_40.jpg IMG_0337_40.jpg IMG_0338_C.jpg img_5151_copy.jpg slide_img_4499.jpg slide_img_4653.jpg
slide_img_4654.jpg slide_img_4670.jpg slide_img_4930.jpg slide_img_4934.jpg slide_img_5152.jpg slide_img_5178.jpg
slide_img_5182.jpg slide_img_5204.jpg slide_img_5242.jpg slide_img_5245.jpg slide_img_5247.jpg